What they said.

The best part about what I do is knowing that I'm helping people. I love hearing from my customers and learning about their experiences while I'm treating them. Nothing beats knowing first hand that my work is helping not only my clients in Vernon BC, but people in general to live a happier, and healthier life.

After seeking medical help for the Arthritis in my hands I was left knowing that I didn't have Rheumatoid Arthritis but I did have Arthritis in my hands. I was not given any more help from the medical field for the pain. I was to the point I couldn't even use the hand brakes on my bike when I rode because of the pain.
I decided to try acupuncture and started to see Coleman. I can say that Coleman has helped me and that being diligent in the treatments that he recommended I can now ride my bike pain free. I am also able to fulfill a dream of riding my bike on the Legacy Trail between Canmore and Banff.
Thanks Coleman

- Norma Huffman

Coleman has a beautiful energy... an authentic and nurturing energy that comes through in all that he does. I see Coleman for acupuncture, he assist with opening the meridians and flow of energy, including my heart so that I may be open to giving and receiving love. He also supports me through stress, anxiety and grief.

I highly recommend Coleman...

- Valerie C. Thomas

I have had chronic neck and back pain for as long as I can remember, I have gone to the doctor about it and they have just referred me to chiropractors. After seeing the chiropractor a few times and having my entire spinal column cracked, I left in satisfied. I went to Coleman for one session of acupuncture and woke up the next day with no pain in my neck! He was gentle and fixed my problem right away. Thank you so much Coleman!

- Courtney Munnoch

I am thrilled with the difference in my ankle after just two treatments with Dr. Coleman! I had been struggling with it for two years. I had tried two different physios for 6 weeks each, but it didn't seem to be getting better. I was becoming increasingly frustrated with it as it was getting in the way of me doing my favourite activities; horse riding, cross country skiing, and yoga. Now it is so much better and I'm able to enjoy my activities pain free again! Thank You Dr. Coleman!

- Sarah Walters

I received treatment from Coleman to repair muscle and scar tissue on a long standing injury that was inhibiting me from crossfit training. After only three treatments of Acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques I was back training with no limits on mobility or impact. It has made a huge difference on my ability to train and improve without fear of re-injuring my calf and hamstring. Coleman knows his business and does great work

- Greg Dickie

Coleman is an amazing ambassador & practitioner of Chinese Medicine!!! I suffer from a herniated / irritated lumbar spine disc, I met Coleman through mutual friends and when he heard of my injury he jumped at the chance to help me!! I have got Acupuncture & Cupping done from him, which has really helped with my injury! He lives inner city which is beneficial to wherever I move to, always willing to work with my schedule and always greets with a smile!! Thank you sooo very much, I will be back again!

- Cassie Napier

WOW! I haven't felt or looked this refreshed in the past 5 months since we started building Okanagan Float! I just received a cupping/acupuncture session from Coleman Smith at Tidal Elements Healing Arts studio followed by a float in our pod across the hall. I feel like a whole new woman. All the tension built up from the stress of opening a new business, all the pressure, deadlines, long hours and sleepless nights.... I feel reborn! A weight has lifted off of me....Literally. I would highly recommend this combination. .... Cupping, then Acupuncture followed by a float...I feel like myself again.  Thank you!

- Aire Aura